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St. James’ Church, Main Street, Dingle, County Kerry

1807 AD

Artwork © Robert Ashe

The “modern” St. James’ Church, situated in the ancient town graveyard, was rebuilt in 1807 and renovated in 1974. In addition to a regular Sunday morning service, the church hosts many folk and popular music concerts, including the internationally famous Other Voices series, recorded by RTÉ.


Planning permission was granted in 2020 for an extensive restoration project, costing in excess of €600,000.
The project aims to preserve and enhance this iconic building as a shared cultural and spiritual space for everyone. 

All proceeds go towards the St James' Church Restoration Fund
St James Church

Our notelets come in packs of eight. 

€7.50 each

Plus p&p 1-2 Packs €3.00 

Plus p&p 3-4 Packs €4.00

Many thanks to Robert Ashe for creating and donating the artwork showcasing the uniqueness of St. James' Church.

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